NewsFOOODCOIN Launches the DIGID System (e-passport) For Testing
Identification of people today is a critical issue.
In the modern world, it is impossible to legally interact with society and the government, remaining anonymous. FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM is a blockchain ecosystem for business interactions. Hence all users must be identified and verified to exclude fraud and tax evasion. Having received DIGID (e-passport), the user will not have to go through the identification procedure many times, if he works in different markets and with different clients and partners. For daily using, DIGID will allow you to easily signup on various sites and get access to numerous digital services.

But DIGID also has a huge socio-economic potential. According to FAO statistics, there are more than 500 million farmers in the world. Most of them are smallholders. The big irony is that farmers who must earn from food production in fact starving. Some of them do not have proper identity documents, and it excludes them from modern economic interactions. Most social services are also unavailable without proper identifica
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