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NewsFCE Released the First Range of IoT Sensors Based on FCE Blockchain
Technologies are especially good when they are easily integrated into the usual work models and make them more efficient and manageable. We have deeply analyzed the experience of our project’s development for two years and concluded that in order to overcome the challenges of industry 4.0, we have to develop additional equipment for tracking and recording information to the blockchain without human participation. Trustworthy traceability is crucial for global supply chains today more than ever.
At the end of 2019, we launched the IoT development department, and now we are pleased to announce the release of the first range of IoT sensors based on FCE blockchain. These devices automatically collect data and send it to FCE distributed database, storing it safely and transparently and analyzing constantly.

IoT sensor system is a solution to:

• trustworthy traceability within supply chains;
• monitoring of environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.;
• monitoring the compliance with shipping conditions;
• online monitoring of product stocks;
• independent end-to-end notarization of each step of product flaw across the entire supply chain.

Automatic IoT sensor tracking means that you have access to accurate and detailed information about each item inside the whole supply chain. You can equip farms, greenhouses, manufacturing and commercial premises, warehouses, shops and trucks with IoT sensors to build the comprehensive network.
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