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ArticlesRisk Management: Challenges and Technologies for Risk Managers
Life is unpredictable. Everyone faces challenges and questions that he could not foresee. This makes our life rich and interesting, and doing business - a difficult and risky venture.
The risk to the business is uncertainty of returns, and as a result, the company's slowdown. And if the risks cannot be avoided at all, then it is necessary to learn how to manage them.

Risky Does Not Mean Bold

All the risks that the company carries are divided into several types. The first type is called Strategic Risk. Business plans do not always correspond to the harsh reality. Planning gaps are not always immediately apparent, and often they strike a slow blow throughout the business over time.

Reputational Risk is also a long-term damage for the company. Operational Risk exists in the ways in which companies leverage people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes. Financial Risk is related to the company's investments, debts and financing. Unexpected currency value changes or bankruptcy of one of the partners may hurt the business deeply.

To manage those types of risks, the company must find out and understand what might go wrong in an
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