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NewsFCE CEO Speaks at the Next Zoominar Held by FAO and ESCWA
FAO and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) are hosting the Zoominar to discuss private-sector innovations to support smallholder farmers of The Near East and North Africa.
Now they are facing the destructive effects of COVID-19 and need the renovation to survive the pandemic. The event is called “Zoominar VI I on The Role of Private Sector in the Use of Innovation and Technology to Support Smallholders Face COVID-19 Disruptive Impact”.

The CEO of FCE Group AG, Gregory Arzumanian, becomes one of the invited speakers of this event. The experience of FCE project can be useful for making decisions on the resumption and strengthening of the small agricultural business, and we are encouraged to share our concepts and offer our solutions.

The pandemic has not yet ended, but the world is already forced to deal with its global consequences, the cessation of supply continuity, and the destruction of the value chain in agriculture. Only public attention and joint efforts of public-private partnerships and regional cooperation will help small farmers and landowners to get out of these circumstances and increase their sustainability and resistance to crises
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