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ArticlesHumans, Technologies and Progress: History and Investing in a Sustainable Future
History shows how the industrial revolutions affected society. The challenge for humanity now is to unite efforts and guide Industry 4.0 towards sustainable development in order to avoid a split in society and the world.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new era in human development, with the blurring of the boundaries between physical, digital, and biological technologies. The technologies in question include artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, smart devices, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum computers. The revolution will entail global system changes. It will affect all areas of business, society, politics, and will require new forms of government and private sector organization. It can sound frighteningly radical. However, it is worth looking at the history of scientific and technological progress to understand its nature and make the right choices to handle Industry 4.0.

Progress, Mechanization, Society

Technological progress has always aimed to improve people's lives, but rarely has these changes been painless. The First Industrial Revolution was a period of transition from manual labor to mechanical in the industry in the 16 and 17 centuries. To be
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