ArticlesCrisis of Trust: Business Builds the new trust ecosystem
There is growing unpredictability in everything. In the world, the distrust of politicians to businessmen, businessmen to politicians, and society in relation to both of them is growing. This is disturbing since trust is the fundamental basis of society.
Public distrust of business has become a significant risk, and companies need to be acutely aware of the damage from a lack of trust. CEO's fear that a lack of trust in their companies will have a negative impact.

Recent years have been full of disasters and upheavals. Edelman's 2021 Trust Barometer reveals growing distrust. However, while society loses trust in the governments, NGOs, and media, there is optimism in business.

Expectations of business have grown because people left without the support of states and social institutions rely on ethical and competent companies. Increased business expectations place new requirements on CEOs: they must focus on social improvement with the same energy that was used to make a profit.
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