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ArticlesDigital Transformation: How Technologies Affect Business
Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. The world is constantly being transformed by technological advances, and technologies that a couple of decades ago was science fiction, now is reality, ordinariness and necessity. The step we stand on today is called Digital Transformation.
50 years ago, people could not think that to make calls and send messages will be possible from small flat devices, placed in a pocket - cell phones. Today, our phones are not just a means of communication, they are our little digital assistants. Digital has become one of the most used word: we digitize everything from photos to business.

The digitization and digital transformation of business today is not just a necessity, it is the essence of business. After all, progress does not stand still, and if you want to keep up with it, want not to fall out of the world of technology and always be ahead, you should be familiar with digital technologies and digital transformation.

Global Transformation in All Areas

The concept of digital transformation is broader than digitization. This is a change not only in detail, but also in the overall business strategy. And the size of the enterprise and the type of activity do not matter, whether it is pharmacology, logistics, food or
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