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ArticlesInternet Can Be Secure: Digital Identity Safety
Profiles of people in social networks, accounts on websites - all this applies to their Digital Identity. Avatars, real names and nicknames, addresses and interests form a digital profile of the person on the Internet. Digital identity means accessing and creating your accounts, and trust in interacting with people and services on the Internet. In our time, information exchange is becoming important for the functioning of enterprises and states, and it is necessary that not only personalities, but businesses and goods can also be identified by special systems.
The problems associated with digital identity become more serious. The lack of manageability and security that entails centralized data storage makes digital profiles a convenient tool for scammers and an inconvenient and confusing tangle for users.

Real-world Identity and Digital Identity

Digital identification is becoming the norm as more and more governments digitize services and transactions. Any hitch with documents can be a disaster for people, cutting off their ability to make even simple bank transactions. This also includes problems with official employment, housing and social services, medicine and education. Digital identification serves as a confirmation for financial transactions, even in the case of payments from or to citizens of the developing countries, where people often don’t have access to traditional bank services.

Full coverage of the population with digital identities and policies aimed at stimulating absorption and reducing risks can be a powe
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