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ArticlesThe Technological Path to Financial and Economic Stability
Financial stability is the key to the well-being of citizens. During a crisis, technological innovation and blockchain implementation should enhance financial well-being.
COVID-19 has become a significant threat to the health and well-being of people around the world. The outbreak has had a devastating impact on local and global business and the economy. A year later, there are still travel bans and quarantine for the public, and companies continue to lose incomes. Many people have lost their jobs, being unable to work remotely because of their profession, or lost their place of employment along with another closed business.

The shockwave from the collapse of 2020 will resonate in the world economy for several years, but effective measures to bring the economy back to normal, the world must take now. In such an environment where crisis hotbeds are distributed unevenly, it is vital to clearly understand where support is required, so transparency plays a paramount role. As recently as last year, many governments began
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