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ReportsFCE Platform Report January-May 2020
The project team has done a great job over the last five months, and now is the time to tell you about it. At that period, it turned out to be a test for many companies, but we continue to work and do not reduce our activity and efficiency.
In January 2020, we carried out a complete rebranding and changed the name from FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM to FCE Platform. We widened the focus of our work and had to show it.

In the work process, we realized that agriculture, farming, and the food industry are only a few industries in our work sphere. Since rebranding, we are expanding our capabilities for other industries with supply and value chain, such as Cosmetics, Chemicals, MedTech, Logistics, Luxury, and Pharma, etc. Our tools are suitable for wider use and we believe that technologies are vitally necessary for most companies.

Also, we noticed that the word "coin" in the name of the company negatively affects communication with customers, so we had to correct it.

Moreover, now we do not stop only at software development and engineering, but also offer consulting in the field of new technologies. As experts, we are guides of new technologies and prov
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