ArticlesFarming in Developing Countries Should Be Digitized with Blockchain
Blockchain is a greater boon than we used to think. Implementation of blockchain-based applications makes it more efficient, transparent and safe not only for individual enterprises, but also for entire state economies. Emerging economies with as-yet-unestablished or unsustainable structures have every chance of making a major leap in their economic development thanks to blockchain ot Distributed Ledger technology.
Research and experiments are already underway showing the great potential of Blockchain implementation for India and Africa. Blockchain as a distributed database provides transparency and sustainability of information, protected from unauthorized changes and interference. These features of blockchain technology can provide the proper and effective operation and control of operation in most of industries and spheres.

Blockchain applications are being developed to solve problems such as corruption at all levels, forgery of documents, lack of trust between trading partners and counterfeiting of products and medicines. Also, the use of blockchain-based systems strengthens the local currency and gives access to its full use in regions where access to banks is difficult and there is a lack of accountability.

Developing economies need to adopt blockchain technology: the gap between them and the economies of developed countries widens and increasingly hampers their development, creating
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