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ArticlesWhen the hype fades: The future of ESG strategy
Companies are gradually moving forward, making their processes more sustainable and consistent with the principles of the ESG. However, this will no longer bring much profit, as analysts say. What awaits the ESG market when interest in sustainability calms?
Companies are under increasing pressure on ESG issues from their stakeholders: investors, governments, environmental and other activists, employees, buyers, and customers. If these requirements are ignored, companies may face difficulties attracting financing, personnel problems, and customer churn.

In many ways, the catalyst for the demand for ESG was the pandemic, experts from the asset management industry agree. The pandemic crisis made people think about global things: environmental issues, health, social equality, security, data privacy, etc. People realized that the world had to change, and they chose to support companies that promised a sustainable future.

However, according to recent research, ESG ceases to be a powerful trend that allowed companies to raise prices for services and goods without increasing efficiency and quality. Sustainability was an occasion to improve competitiveness but has now become one of the requirements.
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