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Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has been a successful transformation for businesses in different industries. These systems serve basic business processes, including inventory and order management, accounting, HR, customer relations management, supply chain, etс. The business functions are well-coordinated and optimized due to a single interlinked database accessible to employees of different departments.
Deployment of a digital background of business processes is a common practice, although it still has some shortcomings. For example, classic ERP systems are not adequately protected. External interference in the company's cyberspace threatens the integrity and security of the organization. Maintenance and support of regular ERP systems are not affordable for most companies. Strong security also raises the cost of the software, making the implementation unprofitable.

From the other side, ERP is not always successful for different reasons. Lack of efficiency, slow operation and the requirement of expensive technical equipment can disappoint both the management of the company and the employees.

A well-planned and managed system that combines ERP and blockchain will improve employees' productivity and customer satisfaction much more effectively. Blockchain solves numerous issues related to security and transparency. The blockchain-based ERP system will provide additional significant
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