ArticlesCOVIDigitization: Painful Delivery of The New Economic Age
Shocks and crises are breaking down established patterns of work in most industries. But none of the recent crises has made a difference as rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarantine measures and the monstrous burden on the health system are temporary phenomena, but big changes will remain after the crisis is overcome.
Old selfish models do not work in the face of global challenges and are unable to compensate for the volatility of current economic interactions. The system is being radically restructured in the face of a global problem.

Closer to Distance Learning

Technology that allows people to interact remotely has already come to the top of the charts. Many universities, colleges and schools are moving to online learning systems. This transition looks expected and appropriate and is not going to be reversed after the crisis. Online learning brings good results: 92% of studies show that online learning, if not better, is as effective as a traditional form of learning. Online students do not have to spend a lot of time on the road: this will save students' efforts and reduce the burden on public transport.

Work, Solutions and Control Via Internet

Online conferences are suitable not only for training but also for business decision-making. Many office workers and managers ha
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