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ArticlesBlockchain and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model
To better understand their consumer, manufacturers collect statistics and sponsor sociological research. But there is also a much shorter and more productive way, opened thanks to the Internet. Direct interaction with consumers allows you to save costs, quickly navigate the trends, and so on. This approach is called D2C – Direct to Clients.
Today, the product sales to consumers process has become a truly high-tech industry.

With an abundance of offers on store shelves in developed countries, marketers have to resort to behavioral psychology and mind control technologies. Thus, the process of selling goods is more like hunting a well-equipped professional hunter for peacefully grazing roe deer.

For sure, each of us had experience of spontaneous purchase of goods, which turned out to be absolutely unnecessary, although yesterday, having looked through the next advertisement, we were convinced that we should have time to buy it.

Overburdened budgets of modern marketing and advertising are clearly visible on the statistics of advertising costs in social networks and search engines. Last year its turnover amounted to $625 billion, the cost to advertise on social media has risen 4x in 5 years; on Facebook – 9x. This has led to consumer fatigue and in
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