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ArticlesFCE SMACO: Smart Contracts for Digital Transformation
SMACO is a smart contract system for businesses with a flexible hierarchy of access rights to trace and manage data.
The global digitization of the economy has been fueled and accelerated by the global crisis and the massive transfer of businesses into online space. Document flows and processes, partnerships, and customer relationships all change the face because of the constant search and implementation of technological solutions. Combinations of blockchain, Big Data, artificial intelligence, wireless technology, clouds, and the Internet of Things are the drivers for these changes.

Paperwork Is More Efficient Without Paper

The first feature for a company to work efficiently in the digital space is an electronic document management system (EDMS). Almost any document can be in electronic form. Most often, companies convert to digital their invoices, certificates of completion, contracts, and official letters. Documents in digital form are easy to process automatically. Agents can agree, sign, and send documents in a few seconds, significantly speeding up business processes. At the same ti
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