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ArticlesFCE DOCFLOC: How blockchain-driven e-signature works
Contracts, reports, plans, schedules, schemes, etc. It is usual for any document to have a signature. When paper document flows become digital, an e-signature gains its value. It is a necessary tool to manage any digital management system, including cloud-based and blockchain-based services.
Each document must have a confirmed author, must obtain approval, and be signed to have value. However, digital data is more vulnerable to improper changes than paper, and intrusion into digital paperwork can significantly affect a business. FCE designed DOCFLOC to provide a holistic and trusted document flow. DOCFLOC acts as a notary certifying signature for business, making the management valuable, trustworthy, and clear.

The pandemic affects the acceleration in the global shift to the digital world. It still affects ordinary life and business management. Along with the speedup of the employment of technologies, the e-signature is also moving up to a new level.

How e-signature works

E-signature is part of a digital document system to confirm the authorship and relevance of digital data. To digitize an enterprise secure and efficiently, you need strict control over the authenticity and relevance of digital information. Collaborating parties should have a guarantee that
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