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ArticlesHow Much Does Your Trust Cost: Opinion by the CEO of FCE Group AG
Lack of trust and the constant need to maintain trust is one of the main challenges for modern business relations. How much does trust cost? Is it normal that trust is bought and sold? Business partner relationships, company-to-consumer relationships, and relationships within the company are all built on trust. We must make this trust invulnerable and sustainable.
Swiss media portal asked the CEO of FCE Group AG Gregory Arzumanian to talk about the value of trust in the realities of the modern market.

This is his second opinion published on the website: last time Gregory talked about how to act in a current crisis and what way out to choose.

This time it was about what trust in business should be. Gregory offers the solution that changes the game. We publish the English-language version of the article below:

How much does your "trust" cost?

Perhaps you think this is a rhetorical question or you are so naive and believe that your trust is impossible to buy. I would like to believe in it, but...

We live in a world where our trust is a commodity. What is the price, who and how sets it?

The price depend
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