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ArticlesWhat is FoodCoin Ecosystem?
Description in simple words. Blockchain technologies are emerging rapidly from the geek spaces, and today everyone should know how the blockchain add-ins work and how to use blockchain with best efficiency. We are happy to tell you what Foodcoin Platform does consist of.
Foodcoin Ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem designed to put up a global marketplace of foodstuffs and agricultural products on an active platform of 1000 EcoFarms. Considering all of this, 1000Ecofarms stays self-consistent and independent. At the technical level, Foodcoin Ecosystem is a peer-to-peer platform (i.e. decentralized, where each user is equal), connected by data process and storage nodes. Each node stores a full copy of the blockchain on open, as well as on closed network structures. This provides maximum safety against unauthorized data modification.

During the initial stage (the crowdsale) Foodcoin is going to be an Ethereum token. Then, using the raised funds, we will convert it into an independent cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain. The blockchains of the first stage will be based on Ethereum, whose technology allows to create blockchain-based applications with relative ease.

To put up a fully complete system, our project team have decided to address to a
FCE GROUP AG Platz 4, 6039 Root D4, Switzerland
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