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ArticlesFive benefits of cloud computing for supply chains
Cloud technologies became an essential part of supply chain management. The use of these solutions increases the level of internal cooperation and transparency of supply chains, as well as to gain new competitive advantages. Compared to traditional manual analysis models, digitization and cloud computing for supply chain analysis reduce costs, improve service, shorten delivery times, and enable modern logistics technologies and strategies for further development.
Why businesses digitize their processes

Supply chains are dynamic, complex, multi-component networks that involve companies, employee’s, transportation systems, goods, financial transactions, and various events. The pace of business requires effective management and improvement of supply chains. Manual inventory analysis and procurement management are not accurate enough, and it affects the progress of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as generally seriously slow down the performance of any business. To keep up with the trends, companies are digitizing their supply chain management. Ready-made cloud offerings that have affordable starting cost and high efficiency are a perfect choice. Cloud processing is profitable because it does not require company to have many servers and staff. FCE offers solutions for supply chains of varying volumes, both for small, medium, and large, which involve the international supply and the participation of ma
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