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ArticlesEternal digital certificates: what is the value of NFT
Digital space requires its legislation and approval. NFTs are digital certificates that identify digital and physical objects, distinguishing one object from another and confirming that it belongs to a specific person. NFT is already a solution to problems in games and digital art and expands the boundaries.
NFT is the major trend of 2021 in the blockchain. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a technology that digitizes and notarizes interactions with any virtual and physical assets. Now, when digital assets are in particular need of legal protection, NFT has become an exceptionally demanded solution.

Over the past year, amid the pandemic, the NFT sales market has quadrupled, and the number of transactions exceeded two hundred and fifty million dollars. NFT can be used to sell anything, but non-fungible tokens in crypto art are especially popular: according to the
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