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ArticlesWhy Businesses Do Not Digitize Their Paperwork?
Automation and digitization are significant and expansive processes in today's world that affect all areas of our lives. The future is not only robots in factories and warehouses but also the digital transformation of information flows. The contemporary company's work requires regular accountability, traceability, and controllability. Old paperwork can no longer provide the level of requirements that businesses must meet now. It is time to move on to digital document flow.
Three Fears of Digital Document flow

Why do business managers delay digitize their documents? The first and greatest fear is insecurity. Digital documents are easier to forge than paper documents.

The second reason is the inflexibility and inconvenience of existing digital document storage systems. Often, even when the company switches to digital document flow, it just duplicates all paper documents to the database, and it does not make paperwork easier. Digital document flow software should include process automation, various types of access, and integration with the company's whole IT landscape.

And the last thing that bother the integration of digital paperwork is the separation of business from IT. Business managers are not interested in technical details, they need ready-made services that make the work more comfortable.

Tools to Defeat the Fears

However, when the whole economy is completely transformed, it is impossible to leave an old paper document
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