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ArticlesFCE Platform: Why Verification Is Important for Trust and Security
Each part of every system must be secure and invulnerable to make it generally work consistently and smoothly. In digital systems like FCE Platform, each item is regularly checked and re-checked. Verification and control apply to all accounts and records: they must be verified.
Digital Notaries Make Information Trusted

Verification is a validation of the data. Companies need to verify their data to increase brand protection and customer loyalty. FCE Platform has special accounts of Verifiers that act as digital notaries. Verifiers are trustees that have access to tools to verify information. Every company account, company employee, and documents they download must be authentic: FCE Verifiers checks the authenticity of the data and mark the accounts as verified at the blockchain.

Verification works for the correct accountability and confidence in the validity of the companies’ data. The data becomes trustworthy for both the companies themselves and everyone who collaborates with them.

The FCE Platform user will be able to conduct transactions, enter contracts, and initiate product tracking only when their account is verified. Due to verification, each transaction between
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