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ArticlesDigital ID: Way to Digital for Individuals, Companies, and States
With the emergence of online banking and e-commerce, personal authentication and digital identity have become keynotes for the digital future. Due to the current global crisis, most of the financial services, businesses, and commerce have moved to the digital space. Concerning this, the demand for safe electronic identity confirmation has grown greatly.
Trusted and secure digital identification brings tremendous opportunities for society. With the implementation of digital personal identification systems, the functioning of government, international organizations, and businesses is changing significantly, becoming more sustainable, trustworthy, and inclusive. The reliable usage of digital personal data establishes a new level of trust between commercial service providers and consumers, employers and employees, governments, and citizens, etc.

The digital economy requires a digital identity

People need identification to interact with businesses and institutions online. To verify personal identity, access systems can use any identity documents issued by different organizations and technical services, as well as official documents for traditional KYC. These can be biometric data, passwords, PINs, QR codes, cloud technology, and supporting smart devices.

Digital identity verification provides access to basic financial trans
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