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ArticlesTechnology to Save Business: Technological Solutions to The Global Crisis
The pandemic showed all the problem areas of business and accelerated the modernization of the economy. The fate of the global economy now depends on decisions and technologies.
The Covid-19 pandemic has become an extensive stress test for governments, organizations, and entrepreneurs around the world. Earlier, the digitization process was stuck under procrastination. Now it is impossible to do business as before. The sharp decline in incomes, supply chain breaks, difficulties with employment, confusion among entrepreneurs, and problems of inflexible, large companies suggest that the world is facing massive economic restructuring and significant market changes.

Digitization has ceased to be one of the variants of the company's development and has become a means of salvation. The interaction between business and customers has changed dramatically and has moved into a virtual space. Companies had to restructure their working methods in just months when digitization had been delayed for years. Consumer behavior is now focused on safety, and even after the pandemic has p
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