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ArticlesWhy regulators ban cryptocurrencies and what it leads to
Blockchain technology continues to thrive in countries where government agencies are actively working to determine the legal status of cryptocurrencies. Crypto-friendly countries include most developed countries, including the US and several in the EU.
New laws and regulations have been enacted in response to the growing support for the cryptocurrency industry. In early May, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to establish a framework for the state's support and regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The current crisis underscores the need to end ongoing speculation about the status of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain must be legalized, taxed, and regulated. This is a unique opportunity to develop a new industry that will lead to new startups/services, solve the problem of cybercrime, help transform business processes, save jobs and entire companies, and much more.

Legislation is still pending in many countries, and there are still countries with a crypto vacuum. However, most regulators have taken a stand on crypto asse
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