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ArticlesD2C: Is Growth Possible in The Face of Pandemic and Crisis?
Until recently, D2C strategies were complementary to the retail business, but in light of such momentous problems as the pandemic and global crisis, e-commerce has become the best channel for companies to interact with their consumers, stakeholders, and influencers. Quarantine measures and avoidance of crowds has become the new standard, and a significant drop of attendance at shops has forced brands to adapt their services to operate online.
The pandemic has suddenly changed the circumstances for doing business. eMarketer forecasts continued growth of the D2C category by more than 24% this year, reaching almost $18 billion only in the US. The increasing role of direct communication between brands and consumers forces businesses to look for adequate technical solutions to offset potential losses and obtain the benefits of the new business model.

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Classic retail business schemes include different kinds of composite networks of manufacturers, suppliers, logisticians, distributors, warehouses, and retail outlets. The D2C model eliminates intermediaries and third-party sales partners. The manufacturer receives direct contact with end co
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