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ArticlesFirst purchase with FoodCoin: Interview with vendor Yuri Smirnov
The cryptocurrencies are still far from the real world. Trading commodities using cryptocurrencies, even the most common ones, is still quite challenging. We in FoodCoin Ecosystem team are striving to bring cryptocurrencies to the real world as much as possible.
Our work is already showing first results: a first deal in FoodCoin was recently made at 1000ecofarms platform. We asked the seller Yuri Smirnov from Krasnodar region of Russia to tell us about the experience of using the cryptocurrency and his thoughts about it.

Hello Yuri! Your first sale in FoodCoin is an important event for the cryptocurrencies world, as well as for the food industry. I congratulate you and I am very excited to discuss it with you.

Hello Anna!

It has been quite some time since I deal with cryptocurrencies, and it got me interested as I see that they make future. Anyway, in a matter of 5 or 10 years, or even earlier, and I suppose that most vendors will be using cryptocurrencies to trade. That is why we should look towards the future. When I found my first customer, the initial price was in euros, but the customer proposed to pay in cryptocurrency, in FoodCoin. I agreed because I was interested in how it will happen. First experience is always cruci
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