CO2 emission

ArticlesClean Planet: The Meaning of Carbon Footprint Calculations
Environmentally-friendly people, their decisions, and their initiatives change the world. More and more companies are beginning to report their greenhouse gas emissions and disclosing data on the carbon footprint of their products along the entire supply chain. It gives people the choice to reduce their carbon footprint and care about the world they live in.
Any human activity brings a carbon footprint. Clothes, food, travel, home heating, and accumulated debris leave a carbon footprint in the planet's atmosphere. For example, clothing is produced in a factory powered by fossil fuel combustion. Food production and delivery to stores is also associated with emissions - most of the transport uses diesel and gasoline. Oil products, gas, or coal are used for heating and lighting, and garbage is sent to landfills where it is burned, releasing CO2, or forms methane.
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