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ArticlesSustainable Cloud Economy and Big Data
Awareness of the human carbon footprint is now higher than it has ever been. Computing power and big data consumes a lot of energy, and inefficient use of resources blocks the way for sustainability.
To use resources wisely, developing companies prefer to use cloud data centers and services. It saves costs on energy-efficient solutions, recycling and allows companies to borrow as much computing power as they need at any time. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for reducing carbon footprint, and companies are looking for different opportunities for sustainability, including the sustainable storage and processing of big data.

Energy efficiency & Circular economy

Energy-efficient cloud service solutions are essential for sustainable development and environmental protection. The efficiency of data storage in the cloud drives companies to explore new architectures thus reduce energy costs for creating new cloud networks.

A popular way to increase the energy efficiency of a cloud data center is to scale the voltage frequency dynamically. The system monitors p
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