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ArticlesCloud Infrastructure Security: «Clouds» are for a rich «harvest»
The digital economy and e-commerce are becoming more widespread and rapidly developing. Now that lockdown and crisis are putting pressure on businesses and displacing them in the digital space, data security issues are particularly acute. Cloud technology allows companies to digitize and scale a business quickly. However, can clouds provide the data security they need?
Data for a digital business is a strategically important element. Leaking, compromising, unauthorized data removal can lead to a crisis and company collapse. According to the Cloud Security Report 2019, dedicated to cloud storage security, the main reason companies are wary of rapidly adopting cloud technology is data security problems (57% of organizations identified this reason as the primary). Still, cloud services are crucial for corporations today, and developing new ways to protect data in the cloud is becoming more relevant.

Is the Cloud Safer?

Cloud services are a more stable and controlled environment than most private IT infrastructures. Developing and maintaining data security systems in an enterprise is a costly and time-consuming process that only a small percent of companies can afford. For a cloud service provider, security is a priority part of expendi
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