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NewsA tech framework for ESG data transparency: FCE Group AG, South Pole, and the TransparenTerra Platform
Specific tech solutions and tools for climate action must be available to most so that every person and every business can afford to track their impact on the environment and support sustainable projects. TransparenTerra collects technology on its platform and has recently begun connecting an API from the Swiss company, the South Pole.
Climate change is becoming increasingly acute, and many obstacles stand in the way of environmentally friendly business strategies. Only technological solutions can ease this path. To this end, the TransparenTerra platform gathers technology solutions for climate action. It has started using South Pole's API, enabling the calculation of the carbon footprint for businesses and individuals. This solution integrates into the TransparenTerra platform and enables the analysis and immediate compensation for carbon footprints.

The South Pole works across sectors to decarbonize and evaluate climate risks and opportunities for businesses, governments, and organizations. The company develops complete emissions-reduction projects, strategies, and solutions, including GHG emissions calculation tools and carbon offset opportunities. The company brings
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