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ArticlesArtificial photosynthesis: Green innovations for Green Investments
The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise, which is one of the causes of global warming. At the same time, interest in promising renewable energy sources is increasing. Artificial photosynthesis is going to solve these problems, using solar power to obtain valuable carbon compounds and at the same time utilizes carbon dioxide.
The problem of global climate change and environmental degradation has challenged humanity to find alternative sources of energy. Scientists predict that by the mid-2020s, most of the energy sources will be renewable. Solar power will replace coal and other fossil fuels.

Solar power plants are becoming a global trend, and in China alone, the number of solar plants doubled in 2020. However, current methods of green energy are not highly effective and still impact the environment. For example, the cells of solar panels and windmill blades work for about two decades, after which they need to be disposed of properly.
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