ReportsFOODCOIN Monthly Report May-July 2019
We are glad to share with our community the updates about FOODCOIN’s recent accomplishments.
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In May, FOODCOIN was recognized as one of the best out of 22 Swiss startups according to SWISSNEX. As a result, FOODCOIN was invited to take part in Consumer Electronics Show Asia (CES ASIA), Asia's largest tech and digital expo. The event took part in Shanghai from 11 to 13 June 2019. Together with FOODCOIN, there were 22 leading Swiss startups participating in the exhibition. All these startups work in the most innovative areas, such as AI (Modulos, Kevin Schawinksi), drones & robotics (Rovenso, Thomas Estier), internet of things (Spectroplast, Manuel Schaffner), and many others.

CES ASIA, along with CES 2019 Las Vegas, is the premier event for the consumer electronics industry, showcasing the latest innovation from all over the world.
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