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ArticlesCarbon offsets are great for business and climate, if we solve these problems
Carbon projects aim to prevent global warming by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, in the atmosphere. But these projects come with risks and challenges that must be overcome to effectively address climate change.
Carbon projects reduce atmospheric CO2 and create carbon credits that can be bought and sold. Carbon credits, or tons of CO2 equivalent, are measures of the ability of a greenhouse gas to affect global warming. Many countries have limits on greenhouse gas emissions, and companies must pay to exceed these limits by buying carbon credits.

A company can voluntarily set a target to reduce emissions. The company can do this by transition to zero carbon practices, confirming the changes with a certificate from a recognized organization in the marketplace, and receiving carbon credits for its emissions reductions. Alternatively, it can buy carbon credits and thus invest in the reduction of overall emissions on the planet.

For businesses, carbon credit revenues are one of the great benefits of participating in a carbon project. In theory, a company can sell its carbon credits to other companies, but so far, it's been difficult for smaller players to gain a foothold in the carbon market.
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