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ArticlesClimate change: why business concerns about climate impact transparency
New technologies and scientific research in climatology have become the basis for changing business strategies. Companies show their impact on the climate and offset emissions to prove their sustainability and gain customer and investor support.
Last year, at the International Economic Forum in Davos, climate change was named one of the most significant threats for humanity. Sustainability and climate action have ceased to be a problem of eco-activists and now demand to involve states and the private sector. The environmental changes carry significant risks both for the population and industry, and this fact cannot be ignored.

The only adequate response to the climate challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions and support a low-carbon development model. Companies around the world were giving thumbs down to green ideas for years. The main argument was the high expense of clean technology. However, the significant reduction in environmentally friendly technologies - especially renewable energy - and the rising cost of greenhouse gas emissions have changed the picture. Today, companies are trying to invest in green technologies not
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