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ArticlesThe Tech Business of Tomorrow: 12 Trending Technologies from Gartner
Analytical companies pay attention to the main trends in technological development. Their research helps them make their businesses more flexible and efficient. Gartner described some of the technologies that soon will be integral to business.
Embracing change, introducing new technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation helps companies adjust to new economic circumstances and become more resilient. The pandemic has shown that many technological changes can be implemented much faster than was commonly thought possible.

The rapid development and adoption of digital technologies continues to change business. IDC analysts believe that by 2022, more than half of the global economy will be associated with digital technologies. IDC believes that service firms will be the main drivers of future change and will accelerate corporate transformation, improve the management of multi-cloud environments, and make more ethical and efficient use of AI. The digital environment will become the backbone of most competitive products, services, and processes, including manufacturing and delivery. Experts believe that by 2024, more
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