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ArticlesLockdown Job: The Future of Remote Working
Remote work has become the new standard for business. This operating mode has its advantages, but also inconveniences. Remote collaboration technologies can help employees better integrate into work from home.
In the spring of 2020, many people gained their first experience in remote work. In a short time, remote work has become a reality for a large part of the employed, being the only opportunity to continue working.

Many companies are ready to continue operating in a remote format after the pandemic. So, Twitter has already allowed staff to stay on the remote when the lockdown ends. Most likely, such an opportunity will be in demand in other companies as well. This format allows employees to choose any convenient workplace and not to waste their time on the road. It also allows employees to take a more flexible schedule.

For the most comfortable and efficient work, companies and employees need services that bring the remote format offline as much as possible. To achieve this and choose the right solution, CEOs evaluate digital platforms on a number o

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