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ArticlesWhy Transparency Is Necessary for the Security of Supply Chains
Supply chain management must change to face the global challenges. The advanced technologies, such as IoT, DLT, Big Data, cloud computing will provide trustworthy transparency of supply chains and make them secure.
As the global economy evolves, the challenges of supply chain management grow exponentially. Companies face a lot of issues, such as employees’ rights and safety, carbon emissions, sustainability, and natural risks such as typhoons, droughts, and hurricanes. Beyond the requirement for accountability and effectiveness for the businesses, consumer awareness plays an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions.

Today's businesses are required to demonstrate the protection of their supply chains to meet demand and remain competitive. Quality and openness of data on the company's activities become both a tool for building a strong and trusted relationship with the consumer and an internal tool for ensuring the safety of production and confidence of the working environment. To use this openness and manage their data properly, companies are transforming to digital logistics. Digitization and blockchain technology are the transparency that provides, validates, and demonstrates sec
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