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Blockchain technology is here to stay, and what is more, it has many practical features still to be discovered. As the blockchain definition says, it is a distributed database formed by nodes and designed to prevent any voluntary modification.

In other words, once the information is published, a timestamp is used (forming a block), and this result is linked to the previous block. In such case, to modify this block, it has to be done with every single block, hash and timestamp generated until now. Thus, although we could modify or hack one or two data blocks, it results practically impossible to modify tens or hundreds of them simultaneously.

Another feature is that the blockchain is a decentralized system, which implies that to crash the whole blockchain network, each and every node in the system must be down, which is rather unreachable, because at least one operating node is enough for the system to work.

The main advantage FOODCOIN Blockchain is that it is based on hash system. It means that the information is not recorded directly into the Blockchain, but it is stored in a form of a cryptographic mathematical function. This solution was implemented to comply GDPR directive, and it does not affect the authentic
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