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ArticlesHow blockchain can be a data privacy solution
Blockchain technology has demonstrated its applicability in promoting security across industries and sectors. Blockchain forms an ecosystem for transparent and efficient interactions with minimal cost. Among other things, blockchain offers solutions for privacy and cybersecurity.
The main benefits of blockchain are transparency of transactions and openness. It’s useful in contracting and transacting. Everyone involved in the process knows what steps their partners are taking. An indelible history of transactions in blockchain allows lawyers to organize registries, vendors to calculate and track the flow of goods, and law enforcement to catch cybercriminals.

But total transparency is not always necessary. Privacy is an inalienable human right. In many countries, this right is written into law. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe states that every person at any time has the right to withdraw their consent and permanently delete any personal data they have previously shared. Given the rising flood of cybersecurity scandals and leaks of personal information, more and more people are concerned about how their data is being used and stored. Some people and compan
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