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ArticlesChemistry around us: Why eating natural food is crucial
Many people on hearing the phrase “natural products” would smile condescendingly like “any food has the same chemistry”. Of course, agricultural products contain the same chemical elements as the natural food do. The entire Universe contains the same elements though. And the composition is not as important thing to keep in mind as it is the correlation among the elements. Today we will tell you about how vegetables grown on different fields differ between each other, and why it is crucial to care about their naturalness.

Nobody can tell, what exactly the vegetables consist of, and in what proportions. However, the products grown on wide fields of the agricultural corporations and on farms differ a lot. This difference influence significantly on the human health.

As an example, let us pick a history of two ordinary Japanese families, Naka and Hirukawa. They always have been buying products in supermarkets, but suddenly they decided to eat only organic food during 10 days. Both of these families, besides parents, had two children each one, so the experiment was for the good of their health. After 10 days, the level of pesticides and other toxins in the urine decreased incredibly. It turned out that the intoxication of the children were higher than that of their parents, as they are more sensitive to toxins. Less the age, more sensitive they are. The families proved that the consumption of natural products makes a positive impact of the health. But what is the difference between the natural products
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