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ArticlesFour Blockchain Benefits for ESG Market
Blockchain can move ESG business relations to a new level and significantly benefit companies that adhere to the principles of social responsibility. There are several major improvements that distributed ledger technology (DLT) can bring to sustainability.
Non-financial reporting and ESG compliance have already become part of current business processes. There are approximately 2,000 individual ESG reporting indicators and 600 ESG ratings. Many stock exchanges display ESG criteria, and some require ESG reporting for listing.

However, ESG accountability comes with challenges and requires provability, standardization, and automation to be trustworthy and useful for decision-making. Sustainability indicators should be measurable and verifiable, and data collection should be automated. Blockchain and several other new technologies could become the solution and the cornerstone of a solid ESG architecture. Fortunately, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and DLT can be combined to create the flow of digitize
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