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Governments and the public sector are looking for new ways to effectively, honestly and transparently allocate resources. Centralized systems are less and less comfortable with a society that prefers to participate on its own in decision-making without mediation and representation. Distributed blockchain systems are one of the most promising areas for the development of civil society and the transition to direct democracy.
Modern state apparatuses of most countries of the world are complex systems and involve a large number of people. Compliance with transparency, traceability and population-based decision-making results in complex and lengthy work that requires too many resources. Digitization of these processes will make them easier and cheaper.

Why We Must Digitize Governance

The opacity of modern businesses does not allow the state and the public to monitor and control their activities sufficiently. Businesses should use transparent public blockchain so that not only regulators, but also any citizen can check the work of business. Thus, the state shares control and monitoring functions for business with society, significantly increasing trust between society, business and the state.

Information about doing business should be open not only to regulators, but also to journalists and ordinary citizens. The highest level of transparency will bring the highest level of responsibility and s
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