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ArticlesHow to Handle Industry 4.0
We often hear that the time of technological revolution is behind us: technological breakthroughs are not so obvious, and maybe we are just used to them. Radical changes that are happening now may not be clearly visible on the eye, but its consequences will affect the entire world market. These changes are known as Industry 4.0.
This is an unusual revolution in the sense that it is not destructive enough for a revolution. The past
industrial revolution, when computers were introduced, required a lot of manpower and resources. It was a completely new technology that was difficult to implement in existing equipment, and new development was needed. Industry 4.0 runs rather in the information space and does not require equipment replacement. The main change is integration into ecosystems and communication between computers, which, although it provides all information and analysis, can also make decisions without human.

How Transformation Begins

North American General Electric company introduced the concept of Industrial Internet in late 2012. It became a definition for tight integration of physical and digital spheres that comb
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