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NewsFCE Group AG CEO will be the keynote speaker at the international 2nd Annual Dairy 4.0 Summit
The Annual Dairy 4.0 Summit held by Tritacon will take place on June 9-10, 2022, in a hybrid format. The summit can be attended virtually or in person in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Digitization and blockchainization are already happening in all areas of industry. In the dairy industry, this process requires collaborative efforts and solutions when it comes to more than just factory automation. Now it's about using interoperable technology across a large number of farms to process big data.

Human and animal health, productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability are directly dependent on data quality and supply chain traceability.

Gregory Arzumanian, the CEO of FCE Group AG, will talk about the benefits of blockchain and traceability for the dairy industry. He will also talk about the company's latest developments and tools of TransparenTerra, a platform for environmental tr
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