Beljan+Feucht Architekten

NewsSwiss Company Became the First FCE Initiative Participant
A couple of days ago, FCE launched the Initiative, which aims to bring businesses together to find the best solutions in and bring these solutions in the world and open the way to the Internet of Trustworthy Data.
The first participants have already joined FCE Initiative. Swiss company Beljan+Feucht Architekten successfully registered and was the first to be included in the number of companies that are jointly going through the path of digitization.

It is an architectural company in Meggen, Switzerland. The team combines thoughtful planning and modern systems, making the company’s operation highly effective. In their work, they use environmental materials. As a sequel, digital innovations and tracking systems have also become part of the company's interests and areas of development.
FCE GROUP AG Platz 4, 6039 Root D4, Switzerland
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