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ArticlesValue Chain 4.0: The Technical Reformation is on its way
The transformation of value chains is not occurring immediately, but it is the way of development that will make the world safe, accessible, trustworthy, and sustainable.
Conventional business models cease to make companies strong players in contemporary market. They no longer provide sufficient brand confidence, transparency, and efficiency and do not lead the business to strong leadership. A technological transformation of the value chain is the key to productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

Companies no longer use technologies as an excuse to promote themselves and get the hype. It is now crucial for businesses to harness the full potential of technologies to internalize the value chain. This method consists of multiple steps and technologies that work together. Every example of technological transformation is unique, but there is a general scheme for companies to extend the performance of the enterprise with the technologies.

In the Beginning, Was the Communication

First, technological development needs perfect internal communication and networking. The lack of connectivity linking business processes can exceedingly affect the
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