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Who is a farmer? A person whose main task and mission is to grow delicious and quality vegetables and fruits. In fact, a farmer should deal with many more things. In order to sell the products at a profit, a farmer has to do a hard work, and making a sale on time often require even more effort than planting, growing and harvesting the crop together.
Why is it so hard to market the crop, even though it is the most qualified and certified? Paradoxically, most of the producers have no direct access to the retail market and supermarkets. Large retail chains work mainly with large producers, which have their own resources for proper storage and transport of the grown products. Supermarkets would prefer to procure products of large agricultural holdings and corporations, which package the products in a good-looking wrapping and these products can be stored for a long time, even though they use chemical fertilizers, preserving agents and GMO-seeds.

In order to market their products, small farmers have to be content with the service of middlemen who purchase their products at deliberately knock-down prices in order to sell it at farmers' and wholesale markets with a 2-3 fold increase. The producers themselves rarely can afford hiring carriers, sellers or renting storage facilities for independent product sale. In this case, there is n
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