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ArticlesHow to interact with FoodCoin Ecosystem
The main purpose of FoodCoin (FdC) is to be a payment instrument necessary for secure and free interaction on FoodCoin Ecosystem platform. This is a global transparent and well-protected system which can be used for shopping and selling groceries with reduced operating, delivery and marketing costs.
Each member of the ecosystem will get wide selection of instruments, such as a proper smart wallet, a remote user identification system, configurable smart contracts, authentication of the origin of food and a proper crypto payment processor. All of these instruments will be expressed in the easy-to-use interface giving a chance to each member to choose and customize the essential platform parameters to reduce operating expenses. The available parameters will depend on your goals. There will be special sets of instruments for farmers, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and fertilizers, farm product processers, food manufacturers, cafes and restaurants, food delivery services, etc.

Special unique services will be available not only for sellers but also for buyers and cooperations such as buying clubs, food coops, CSA and herd shares (for users from US).

You do not have to get special skills for registration, customization or purchasing of internal currency on the platform. E
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