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Articles“Cheese” without a smile: Dietmar Benedetti about Swiss farming
Cheesemaking is still very much a craft in Switzerland. Different kinds of cheeses are mainly done by hand on small alpine dairies. For the multistage production dairymen use incredibly tasty raw milk of alpine cows, and the final product is delicious. However, despite the great popularity and high quality of Swiss cheeses, local farms and dairies are on the edge of desolation. We met Dietmar Benedetti, the Swiss dairyman, one of the last original cheesemakers from Obergoms, Kanton Wallis to find out the reasons and possible ways out for the local Swiss farmers.
As for person who always lived in a big city, all these pictures from the places where you live and work, make me believe that it is a real-life fairytale. So, the first thing I would like to talk about is about the life in the village: What people do, what people eat there, where they buy groceries, all sort of things.

In the area I live in, most people go and buy food in the grocery stores here, and over the last decade there are less and less people: they are living in the cities because there are not very much work here left anymore. And that is also the reason we are now looking for some alternative ways to find new customers.

What kinds of work have already disappeared?

Well, the most people are either working in the agriculture, or have some interest in hotels and tourism. There are mostly winter tours because there are more skiing parks, and during the summer, there are people mostly working up and down the mountains. They have also a golf club here. Howe
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