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ReportsFOODCOIN Monthly Report October and November 2018
FOODCOIN Team brings the community the updates about the recent accomplishments.
Over the last period, there were several events related to FOODCOIN. Here are some of them:

• Grassfed on the Hill, a community of farmers from Maryland founded by Liz Reitzig, joined FOODCOIN Blockchain and started implementing it in their business to make their production process visible and transparent, which is convenient both for producers and customers. Now the information about their products is available in the system. This is how, apart from the larger food producers like Swiss cheese producers Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln and ALDIM GmbH, a German producer of canned food, FOODCOIN Blockchain began to be used also by small-scale farmers.

• CEO and founder of FOODCOIN Ecosystem, to
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